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Tired, & Science & Miricles...ohhh My!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was co-op day and I am totally wiped out! About a year and a half ago three friends and I all discovered we had the same desire, to start a homeschool co-op. We had all been in co-ops before. Some good, some, well less so and we really thought with our collective experiences and talents we could make our vision come true. We are half way through our second year and I love our co-op. I do love it, I love the moms, the kids, the work, but that being said, it is exhausting. Co-op days always are. I do a bunch of the admin. work and am teaching Government & Economics to our 11th & 12th graders. I love my class, and love preparing the lessons for it.
 The blip is that recently both our Biology teachers had to leave our co-op, both for good and valid reasons, but they left a teaching slot that had to be filled. Yep, you guessed it I was the one who had a free period. Those of you who know me know how ludacris it is for me to teach a science course... especially a high level one. Don't get me wrong, I can work through the curriculum at home with the girls and answer their basic questions, (and send them to the more scientifically minded P if I am stumped.) But the co-op teacher is the one the moms send their kids to when they  just "don't get it", I know... I tell mine that. You see, I am really strong in the "liberal arts" but when I dip my toe in the sciences I am already in too deep. I said all that to tell you...I had fun with the girls in my new biology class... I know...weird huh? They are a fun group, who really seemed like they appreciated even my limited knowledge. They soaked it up... asked questions... remembered what I said... and participated. It helps that I know these kiddos, I have my "AL", her best friend who spends tons of time at our house, and the other two girls are ones I have had in different classes over the last two years. (One in scrapbooking and one in literature... I know, those classes are definitely more me...) It was just so... well, almost fun.... I am as shocked as you are! I even think I sounded like I had a slight handle on the material (gene sequencing... ), I love what the Lord can do. Let's face it ladies, if I can teach biology and enjoy it it really is a miracle. I didn't even tell you about me actually singing in front of the whole co-op during chapel time... yes ladies, it was a frosty day in Satan's neighborhood today!

And yes... pipe down.. I remember,  I am supposed to start organizing tomorrow... I plan on it, and will take before & after photos for all of you to prove it.... now if I can just find that camera cord!?!


  1. Ok, you are soo much better at blogging than me! You've already posted EIGHT posts since I was last here....AND since I last posted (not to mention my last post was 5 day before your first)...ok, my head's starting to hurt. Anyhow, I've only had a chance to read this post, but I intend to read the others. I will say...I hear you on science. I have a few...five, six...ten, twelve...years before I am here, but I am not looking forward to this part of schooling. Congratulations on your success! :)

  2. Jenn.... Thank you so much for your encouragement. Sometimes you wonder if anyone would want to read this stuff. Thanks for checking back in.

  3. oh my goodness, my kids think i have totally lost it, they are in there making home made waffles and I am laughing so hard. You crack me up! "Satan's neighborhood". On another note, E said she enjoyed your Biology class last week. Thank you for working so hard on this. Love you :)


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