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Monday, January 25, 2010

I just don't understand people sometimes...

Earlier today I got an email from a very sweet lady who just started reading my blog yesterday. She said she laughed a lot at my posts, shed a tear over my tribute to Joe and could really relate to my post about a bad day homeschooling. She said she stayed up way too late and read each of my posts... I love her already... anyhow she was pleasantly surprised when at church this morning she overheard a friend recalling one of my posts... she jumped in to laugh at it once again... then she shared a line from another post and her friend became confused...

It turns out they were not talking about the same blog.. only the stories were so suspiciously similar. She jotted down the name of the other blog and when she got home she looked it up... and after she came back here to verify my post's date, she emailed me to tell me that someone took my story!

Of course I immediately went to that blog and it was true! She didn't just use my idea, she must have copied and pasted it, the only noticeable difference was she changed the names... and no, at no point did she give me credit. She made it look like my experiences were hers! I was speechless....

She has over 1000 followers and lots of advertisers, what does she need with my post... did she just run out of ideas? I contacted her and although she didn't reply to my email, by the time I got home from church tonight the post had been removed.

I'm sorry, but this is definitely NOT OK with me! I will not name her blog because I know everyone makes bad choices from time to time, and I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that this was a one time incident. That being said, I may be a new blogger, but blogging for 17 days or 7 years... I don't care, I feel like something was stolen from me during those 16 hours that my post was on her site.... I'm sure she thought that I would never find out, but two blog followers in a small Texas town found her out... 

Some of you who read this have blogs and have been at this much longer then I have... Is this common? Does it happen all the time?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... what is plagiarism?

I should have known this was going to be a bad day.... it started rough...

I over-slept because my clock is still MIA in the room re-do and P "forgot" to wake me up at the planned time.

I came out and found KK and P watching the news and drinking coffee all casual. I stumble to the pot, and find it EMPTY... I stumble to the coffee canister, empty too. P calls out, "We used the last of the coffee, so what is in the pot is all that is left... "

"There is nothing in the pot"


I stumble to the living room and this is what I see:

Yes, folks that is KK drinking her SECOND cup of the morning in my special "Valentine's" mug!

I asked her to pass over the mug and nobody would get hurt... Her response?

"There's ice tea in the fridge.."

I grabbed my camera and took this really unflattering photo and threatened if she didn't hand it over it would end up on my blog for the whole world to see...

She called my bluff...

Oops.. almost forgot...

This weeks menu:

Monday: Chicken Cacciatore & yeast rolls

Tuesday: Beef Stew & yeast rolls

Wednesday: Chicken Tacos

Thursday: Spaghetti w/ meatballs & Texas toast

Friday: Hamburgers & Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

Saturday: Tortilla soup (or pizza... we'll see)

Sunday: Sweet and Sour Chicken* w/ Veg Fried Rice
(*in the interest of honesty, this is the recipe I usually use, but will probably just pick up a bag of pre-breaded frozen popcorn chicken on the way home from church to save time... I 'll do the rest the same way.)

Also, we will have company sometime this week and Monday's dinner is the most flexible portion wise, so when I figue out when they are comming I will mix the days up some....


  1. Wow. I have heard of it happening to other bloggers...but it's not happened to me. Not that I'm known enough. :) Most of my readers are family. I'm sorry this happened! It's amazing how you found out! And the coffee...um, yeah, I think I would...well, let's just say I NEED it. (Btw, I'm FOLLOWING you!!!)

  2. THAT'S Just NOT Right! Is there some way of reporting her. I wish you could have copied and pasted her comment and proven that she did this AND showed her as a FRAUD, I would love to find out who this woman is and give her a piece of My little mind and mouth! Excuse me, but not a good day either! Love you girly and I have no decaf and can no longer have caffeine, so I am feeling your pain! But ice tea can be heated in the microwave and made into hot tea, I have been known to do that for last measures. Have a great rest of the day in the windy snowy blizzard that all of sudden just decided to come out of the BLEWWWWWWWWWW! Your recipes sound delicious and I am going to try some of them. Hugs, Lord willing see you tomorrow. We have not made anything home made for class and I do not have measuring cups for dry utensils and I do not have enough flour. So E may sit back and watch and get an F in K & K

  3. Geeezzzz. I have heard about this before and it's sad...pure d' sad. Good for you to stand your ground ;)

  4. Jenn... Thanks for following! (and for being my first "bloggy friend"!!)

    Pam... calm down...It's ok, I am not happy there are people out there doing this kinda thing, but at least I know my life is full enough that I won't need to resort to that!

    Susie... I am a HUGE fan of your site...I check in every day! Thanks for dropping by...I'm feeling a little star struck!

  5. I apologize for the outburst. invited over to neighbors for coffee, Decaf at that, as it is all she had. God provides! :)

  6. I would be angry if that happened, as well as flattered. I mean, obviously your writing is good if someone with that many followers needs to steal it. I've heard of "coupon mom" bloggers doing this to eachother. You're a nicer person than me not to name the blog. I would call it out.

  7. I would call it out too. There's nothing wrong with speaking the truth.

  8. Clementine... I was angry at first, but you are right it is flattering, in a perverse way...

    Pam... no need to apologise...see you tomorrow!

    Anonymous... I agree, there is nothing wrong with truth, but I am choosing grace for now. I don't think she made the right choice, but hopefully getting caught will wake her up... I plan to watch her site and google key phrases for awhile... I will call her out and even report her if she keeps it up.


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