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I Need Inspiration...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

   We are a little more then halfway through our bedroom re-do and things are at a bit of a stand still. (To read more click here and here) I am still searching for the perfect headboard. In fact I am no longer searching for the "perfect" headboard... I'll settle for the "it's kinda, sorta perfect" headboard. Per "Murphy's law" I saw headboards every where and priced really cheap before I decided we needed one.

Anyhow, we are at a bit of a stand still and clutter is creeping back in. You know the deal, company is coming and you need a quick tidy... you gather everything and into your bedroom it goes. Then company leaves, you clear the bed and the clutter lingers... or maybe it's just me. Then when I went in to go to bed last night, I had to move the clean laundry that didn't get put away off the end of the bed. It ended up in a pile on top of my scrapbooking supplies, that we don't have room to keep here so I transport it back and forth from storage. When I woke up our half finished bedroom had a big "pile" in it. So toady I need some inspiration so I can finish this job....

Here goes:

So pretty.. looks like Spring to me..
Pottery Barn

Monogrammed sheets... oh la la...
Pottery Barn

Polka Dot Quilt... how fun...
Garnet Hill

Birds... maybe too Hitchcock?
Pottery Barn

Cute... but maybe a little to modern for me?...
Crate & Barrel

More Summery Inspiration...
Garnet Hill

A Traditional Quilt maybe?
LL Bean

This is really cozy looking... but is it me?
LL Bean

Too Flowery? Probably for P...

This one is affordable... but is it cute?
Walmart. com

There, are you inspired again? I think I am... and do you know what inspires me most about the above photos? How clean and "pile free" those rooms are... I'm off to deal with my pile...

PS. Click HERE if you need a giggle...
Thanks for listening,


  1. rebecca all of these are beautiful . you like red, so perhaps you would like the red one! :) have a great day!

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    Just found your blog through Sunny. I have to say, "I love your blog". I'll have to visit more often. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and God bless.


  3. I am partial to the green ones because I love green. I agree with Pam's suggestion of starting with your fave color and to keep looking until you find something both you and P agree on. Hopefully it won't take you 7 years like it did for me & Tom. LOL

    PS. I finally placed my KitchenAid on the counter and have used it twice in the last 2 days. Loving it!

  4. hmm, we need to get a new bed set...ours is silky and of course, totally ripped up, due to having three kids five and under. we need to stage our house for the sale...need to start lookin'! thanks for the reminder!

  5. HOw cute!

    We all have piles in our life we have to deal with... its just nice to be inspired along the way and whack at the piles a bit at a time.


  6. I so get what you are going through. I am working on my son's bedroom right now and I threw my bedding ideas up there for the world too. Isn't the internet splendid? I have grown to HATE my bedroom set but like you I haven't seen what I am looking for. Well, that and I really shouldn't spend that kind of money right now. So I guess I will have to settle for the mini makeover. Anyway, I love the bright fun look so many of these photos have. Can't wait to see the final look. Good Luck.


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