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Hazy, (not so) Lazy, Crazy Days of Summmer...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love being busy... I do, I think... I guess this must be true since I always am.

 Right now we are trying desperately to get a yard sale together before our window of opportunity slams shut with the end of summer. The Axeman is sifting through 30+ years of stuff in the basement and us women-folk are sorting every nook and cranny of the main floor... There is so much stuff for the sale our biggest problem is where do we put it until the weekend...

Last night we gathered around our little fire pit again. I really love these times of togetherness. With Cate mapping out her future I don't know how many more of these moments we'll get. Last night we decided that the real world is a lot of work and we would form our own little "fire-pit" world... We are now "Marsh-mel-ians" from the land of "Driveway Fire-pit"... Our official food? S'mores, of course... Alas, our plots of world domination we thwarted by the fire dying and us getting chilly... It was a close one...Y'all narrowly escaped our wrath...

Today we had a visit from a social worker who was assigned to my parents this past spring when the situation here got bad... We really wanted to show her how well we are handling things since our move here. We may have over-shot the bar... She was speechless when she walked through the door. We have "de-cluttered" and organized a lot, but we have also been working on some home improvements so she totally shocked. She told us she was just hoping to see a few minor improvements, but we have done a total turn around in two months time... We have been working like dogs for weeks knowing her next visit was important, so it was nice to hear that she was impressed. I will post some before and after photos soon.

Today we (My mom and I) also took Sparky back-to-school shopping... She had a blast and got lots of cute things. But shopping for fall clothes and school supplies makes it feel official... I'm no longer a homeschool mom... I am a little sad to close this treasured chapter, but I am thrilled to see Sparky so happy. And since we moved to a totally different climate she needed a lot of clothes... She made some wise choices, and has some really fun new outfits for this fall. I hope this year lives up to her expectations...

And to round out the day we picked up Cate and had a girls night out to go see a movie... We needed a little bit of bonding time, so it was nice to share this day with my mom and the girlies... Of course when I got home the Axeman was feeling a bit left out and abandoned... So I spent the rest of the night smoothing things over with him... He did enjoy Sparky's fashion show and was happy to see her choices were not only cute, but modest. (An important point for him... and all dad's of teenage girls...)

Thanks for listening,


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I did a doubletake when you said you got chilly, then remembered you're in Maine. We won't have a chilly night here in Florida for a long time yet!

  2. Sounds great! I am more than excited to see those before and after shots!

  3. Sounds so great, I wish I could be sitting around a firepit roasting smores! And that's so funny that we keep picking the same backgrounds on our blogs! I can't even see the backgrounds on other peoples pages because my netbook screen is so small haha. We must really be on the same wavelength then!!

  4. Yay, you, wow-ing the social worker :D

    And hurray for Sparky making good clothes choices.

    Sometimes I'm relieved to have all boys ;D



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