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It's 2 AM and all is well*...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

*If by "well" I mean that I am exhausted and some what overwhelmed... Then the title of this post is true...

Why am I up at this late (early?) hour in a jellybean and diet coke induced haze you ask? Well, remember yesterday when I mentioned we are having a yard sale this weekend... Well, I may have understated it a bit... We are actually having the yard sale to end all yard sales... I have been pricing for hours and I just ran out of little stickers... (or else I'd still be at it)... Why is this a big deal you ask? Because we bought 1500 of them! Yes, you read that right... I have priced 1500 items with little colorful dots and I am only a little over half done... The last time my parents had a yard sale I was in 5th grade, and like all Mainers, they don't throw anything they deem useful away... We have a lot of work ahead of us... We are setting up tomorrow and having the sale Friday and Saturday. I will take pictures because y'all won't believe the sheer volume of stuff involved.

Needless to say I won't be posting for the next couple days. To make up for it, drop by Monday... I may or may not have a little Maine related give-away planned...

But to tide you over until then I have this totally useless (to me) $10 Starbucks gift card (there isn't one with in an hour of here) that I will give to the person who comes closest to guessing the total we make at our yard sale... There is no way for this to be an educated guess so just leave a comment throwing out a number and be sure to include your email address* so I can notify you. (*If your comments are set to "no reply"... If you don't know if they are, it's a good bet they are.) Our yard sale ends at noon Saturday so that's when I'll accept guesses until. I'll announce our winner sometime after that this weekend...

On a totally unrelated note... I broke my little toe making my bed this morning... And it really, really hurts... I have informed the Axeman that I will not be making our bed without hazard duty pay in the future.. His response: "You are the one who doesn't like to sleep in a unmade bed."... Where is the sympathy?... He's lucky he's still kinda cute... (To me anyhow!)

Thanks for listening,


  1. $1500. That's my guess. Also, you have my e-mail address even though I'm not commenting with my Google account, but I probably won't win. Good luck! This sounds epic!

  2. I'm going with $3200. I hope all goes well...do you have arrangements in place to have all the unsold items picked up for charity or somewhere so you don't have to move them back into the house?

    Hoping your toe feels better by the weekend!

  3. I'm going to go with $2278.92 I don't know why I just am. Good luck with your sale! Just think of how good it will feel when it's over!

  4. Sorry to hear about your toe...I hope it heals quickly.

    My guess will be $2550.00


  5. Hmmm, I'm going to say $2100.00

    Good luck!!

  6. omg, i hope that your toe feels better soon. OUCHIE! Hey there, I was up late last night with my daughter watchine Neesie on CLEAN HOUSE & they were "fixing" the messiest house in America! Not saying that your parents home is messy, but the amount of stuff they collected over the years and then they sell at yardsale and end up with renovated beautiful new clean home with new furnishings. Wow, maybe you can do a make over. How exciting. Ok, I have no idea what kind of things you have to sell, are you a bargainer and do people want "inexpensive" prices on expensive items .... what is your perspective on this. Ok, I will just make a wild guetimate! ha! ok here goe... $4.192.00 That is my guess. Have a great day Love and Hugs,pam