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It's Over!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well the two day marathon yard sale is over... I am totally exhausted... But I'm sure some of you are curious as to the winner of the Starbucks gift card... (Drum roll please...) The total sales was $1488.75 so it's Jenn from the The Jam on PB&J... Woo Hoo... I will contact Jenn right away... New dishwasher here I come!

Don't forget to check in tomorrow... I may have a little surprise up my sleeve...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Holy crap that is a lot of money! You go, girl!

  2. WOW! That is amazing! Happy for you and enjoy your new dishwasher. Congrats to Jenn :)

  3. Cool! Congratulations on your yard sale success! I love new appliances! :)

  4. Woo-hoo! Hurray for the money, and hurray for all the STUFF you got rid of... because that means space.



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