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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

With everything that is going on we have all reacted in different ways in our family. Allison has spent quite a bit of time in prayer, and now feels led to dig deeper into prayer. She deeply desires to pray for and with other people all over and in a first step she started a Facebook group last night for that purpose.

Here is her link:

Here is her description:

Together We Unite Through Prayer! Matthew 7:7 - Matthew 21:22 - Mark 9:29
We Come Pray is a online site for everyone and anyone to come and unite with others through prayer. On this page you can post any prayer requests you have and other members will be praying for you. You can also post praises to God, bible verses, worship songs/lyrics, poems, stories, encouraging messages, things that have spoken to you and brought you closer to God, personal studies you have done, Just go crazy for God!

No Need Shall Be Left Without Prayer!

If you are on Facebook (and who isn't) feel free to check it out... "Like it" if you do in fact like it... Leave a need or thanksgiving... Or just a favorite verse or inspirational meme.

By the way... 38 days!!! :)

Thanks for listening,

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  1. I may be the last American between 12 and 80 not on Facebook, but good for her :D Hope you're all holding up.

    And 38 days! That's so SOON!



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