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Pintrest Win...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Even though we didn't have a party for the 4th, I still wanted to put together a nice dinner for my family...
Last week I spotted this sinful creature on Pintrest...

(click link for recipe)


Yes, I did...
 And here is how mine looked...

It was yummy, but very, very rich...
I made it the way she wrote it, (raw eggs and all) and even though it was delicious, I couldn't finish a whole piece, it was so rich... I think I will substitute cream cheese for the butter and eggs next time to see if that makes a difference.
Not that anyone complained... In fact the guys LOVED it. It was completely gone by bed time on July 5th!

I also made the more traditional, red, white & blue trifle...

What else was on the menu you ask?

 We had:
Grilled Honey Ham Steaks
Veggies & dip
Green salad
Loaded potato salad
baked beans
chips & dip
& fresh cherries

I was an ok menu, but it's all about the presentation... My family call it a "private party"! They love, love, love it when I go to the trouble to set everything out as if I am having company but it's for just them! We started doing this occasionally years ago... We don't just do holidays, My favorite are the complete surprise ones... Paul & the girlies are a bit used to my crazy ways, but it always seems to blow they guys away... They always have a "you did all this for us?" look on their faces that is very rewarding.

Our tradition of "private parties" all started years ago after a failed Tupperware party... You know the ones, I had prepared all day, and nobody showed but the consultant... (ok, maybe it's just me... I can live with that.)  Bummer, right? You would think so but after she left, Paul, the girlies & I had a blast being "guests" in out own home... A tradition was born!

Some times I buy only the little appetizers from the frozen food area, you know mini egg rolls and such... They always look so good, but we usually only buy them for company. I grab a prepared veggie and a fruit tray go home and throw it all together... It is not unusual for me to haul out the punch bowl for these mini events...

Nothing caps off a long week, or a "nothing" kinda day like coming home to a little party...

Paul's favorite are when I make huge trays of nachos and serve them on the hassock (which acts as a coffee table in our living room) and we all gather around it with little plates and dig in... I usually do this if I have a movie planned. We all have different taste in movies but sometimes I find something in the Redbox that I know everyone will like. Moments like that scream for a "private nacho party"! I highly recommend trying this with your family! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. that's a neat tradition ... and that is some YUMMY looking food!!!!!!

  2. Private Party. I LOVE that. I'm going to start doing it...right now.

  3. An afterschool private party for the kids sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for the idea! They will love it and it will make them feel special!

  4. Good for you! I love the private party :D


  5. Good reminder to not just put on our best for guests, but for the ones we love the most!
    Here is a recipe that is a little similar but with cream cheese and pudding. Also totally no bake. To rich-en it up, I like to make my own whipped cream and use it instead of cool whip. It also is a big hit, especially with banana lovers.

  6. Looks like a very fun party!! Handsome LOVES nachos, too. We spend many Sunday nights eating nachos and watching movies. It's the perfect ending to a relaxing day together.
    <3 <3 <3


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