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Same Ole Rebecca...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My worst blogging fear has happened... By being the least consistant blogger on the planet I have driven away my dear bloggy friends... I get it... I post and promise to be "back" then promptly disappear again... and again... and again... Plus I have noticed something about myself... If I am not posting, I don't read other people's blogs... It's as if I don't deserve to know their stories if I am not doing my part... 

When I do post I blog about heavy, weighty subjects and there is very little trace of the witty, funny Rebecca you all met back when I started this blog as a New Year's resolution back in 2010. Then to top it off, when I do come back I am promoting a business... I know I deserve the silence... The day after day of "No Comments"... I earned them and I will just keep blogging into the void and hopefully someday I will earn readers again! I have once again resolved to be a blogger... I miss it and I miss all the amazing ladies I met through blogging! 

Just to prove to you guys that I am the same ole Rebecca I figured I'd share some of my embarrassing moments since joining Mary & Martha with you... (You know, just in case you suddenly thought I became a put together business woman!) 

Here they are, my top 10 most embarrassing moments as a Mary & Martha consultant:

10. Spilled red punch down the front of my yellow shirt as first guest arrived and didn't have anything to change into and had to go the entire night with dribbles of red down my shirt

9. Write down the address wrong and show up at the wrong house for gathering.

8. Be so gabby upon arrival at said wrong house and did not figure it out right away until man who opened door asks who you are and when you tell him you are there to do his wife's party only to be informed he is single. 

7. Feel so sweaty after setting up for a gathering I sidestep a hug and knock over the host's coat rack

6. I got so lost on the way to a gathering that I was the last to show up and so I did the gathering one item at a time as I unpacked them

5. Trip over welcome mat upon enter hosts home and greet her by landing with a thud on my knees at her feet.

4. "Broke wind" during gathering in the silent but deadly fashion causing the eyes of several guests to water... Never claimed it and the hosts dog took the blame!

3. Get home to find hosts cell phone I accidentally picked up and put in my purse.

2. I call host by wrong name for most of the gathering until someone corrects me... I even went around and asked how everyone knows "Carol" only to find out her name is Heather. (In my defense, Carol was my host the next day.) 

AND #1. Stepped on hem of my draw string skirt partially exposing my underwear clad rear to everyone during a gathering! 

There you have it folks... Just when I kinda sort of can pretend I have it kinda together... I am still able to compile a list such as this!

Thanks for listening,


  1. You're back! (You're really back, right? ;D)

    Your trip sounds fun - I've never been to Texas. Think I'd love that Riverwalk, though. And a new business! I kind of thought the school wasn't really working out. Hope this is a better fit - sounds like it :D

    And how's the grandbaby? Pictures?


  2. Hi Rebecca! I'm still here : ) Life is busy so I'm a little behind on reading blogs, but I try to eventually get there. I do think if you visit around some, and leave comments you'll get some new traffic. Glad your new business venture is going well. Personally I like a mix of light and heavy, thoughtful and fun, which is what your blog is...be who you are, and write about what you want to write about, because in the end, I think that will make you happy and it will feel real to the readers. I like real : ) Nice to see you back in the blog!

  3. I'm still here too (left a comment on the San Antonio blog post!!) ... wish I had $$$ to help out your new business venture - that is some beautiful stuff!!!


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