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My Girlies help out....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This actually happened two weeks ago, but with that lost camera cord I had to wait to post it... this photo does speak a thousand words....

Jan. 13, 2010
We had a busy day yesterday, (you can read about it here ) and when I got home I was exhausted... I dropped on the sofa and sat.... P was home and expecting dinner... chicken fried rice to be exact. I also needed to bake muffins for a breakfast I was going to.... but moving was out of the question for at least an hour or ten...

KK & Al to the rescue... KK pops her head into the living room and asks if I want her to cook dinner... (the clouds part and I hear harp music...I love this girl, I tells ya!) I told her I'd come out and help, (fried rice is new to her) and she say..."no Mom, just rest, if I have any questions I'll ask." (she is such a joy...) At this point AL comes in and asked if there is anything she can do to help... P tells her he's been craving brownies, and I told her I needed to bake muffins for the morning. She asks, "can I bake the muffins Mom?" To which P said "and brownies..." She laughed an angels laugh and said.."no problem... do you want me to make coffee?" After we answered in affirmative, P and I proceeded to have a long conversation about what great kids we have... With dinner fixed, KK said, "Mom, just stay there, we can do an eat in front of the TV night." (We are trying to limit this to weekends... ) I am still dead tired so I ok this... and they proceed to serve us...Love them!
After dinner KK asks if I want her to bring me the laptop... "Sure" I tell her and from the comfort of the spot in which I dropped I catch up on my favorite blogs and write mine for the night, while watching some mindless TV.
Fast forward to midnight... everyone has retired for the night, and I decide to turn in... I walk into the kitchen to turn out the lights and head to bed and this is what greeted me:

I finally got to bed at 1:45...

They are so helpful...those girlies....

I don't want to sound ungrateful...but....

Thanks for listening


  1. But cleaning the kitchen is not fun! I'm so glad to be married now, because my husband LOVES doing dishes! Imagine being the oldest only girl with 2 younger brothers on weeknights after dinner ("uh, yeah, I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom." "Uh, yeah, me too! You start without us, Jenn.")...*shudder* Did I mention I'm happy to be married now?

  2. They mean well, right? I have come into that picture of the kitchen in my house way too often. Cute girls though! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway.

  3. Oh, darn! But they were too cute! At least they tried!

    PS-check out my post today-i started a new thing called comment of the week and I picked your comment. hope you don't mind. If you do, let me know!

  4. I see the lovely muffins are on the stove and the pan which may be the one which KK made fried rice? Yeah, my son is in the kitchen NOW at nearly 1/2 past midnight cooking. I know there will be crumbs & a sink full. That was so sweet of AL & KK to sweetly offer to help out.

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  6. Ba Ha Ha Ha! (Sorry) You do have really sweet girls, though. ~Cathy Meriwether


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